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The Church is ALIVE with the Sound of Music!

Chancel Choir


The adult choir sings every Sunday, presenting a wonderful assortment of Anthems. The variety of musical styles includes everything from Classical to contemporary, from Traditional to Jazz/Gospel. The choir and worship service hymns are accompanied by our 20-rank Austin pipe organ and Yamaha piano or synthesizer. Accompanying Anthems and Hymns occasionally are trumpet, flute, violin or percussion. Opportunities abound for instrumentalists and singers alike. During Advent and Eastertide, the Chancel Choir presents full-length cantatas.


Rehearsals are Thursdays at 8 P.M.

Wesley (Children) Choir


This choir is for children, ages 9-14. The Wesley Choir is featured at Christmas, Easter and on other special days. The children also sing about once a month in church during the school year. There are opportunities for young musicians to accompany the Wesley Choir and to play violin, flute, piano (etc.) solos during the Summer months.

Rehearsals are after Sunday Worship Service.

Hand Bell Choir


The Hand bell Choir is a fun and unique way to put your note reading skills to work. Our 11 ringers cover 4 octaves with our set of Schul-Merick bells. The Hand bell Choir generally plays two anthems a month during church services. The pieces are of moderate difficulty and use many different ringing techniques. There are also opportunities for more advanced ringers to play solos or form ensembles. Beginners are welcome.

Rehearsals are Thursdays at 7 P.M.

Farmingdale United Methodist Church also periodically presents special concerts for the congregation and the Farmingdale Community, some of which are fundraisers or benefits for particular outreach concerns.

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